1101 Ives Dairy Road Miami Florida 33179 USA Phone: 305-651-2056


Collins Horse Farm is a ten-acre working farm in northeast Miami-Dade County. Originally built in 1935 by

the Ives Dairy family as a weekend retreat. It was run by Jack and Poly Walker as "Walker Ranch" for over 50 years.

Patrick Collins has continued the horse boarding operation since 1999 to present. We can accommodate up to

54 horses. Our boarders own a variety of horses; Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds Quarter horses, Paints, ponies and

Paso Finos. They are show horses, pleasure riding horses, jumping horses and racing horses.

The rustic wooden barns among large trees present an unusual glimpse into the past country life. There is

a windmill in the corner of a large open field along with a giant oak tree with a 150 foot canopy. There are many

photo opportunities among horse related activities as well as tropical vegetation.